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The Zodiac Bookstore is designed to help others who are Light Seekers, Light Workers, Star People, Truth Seekers, (and all those interested in things metaphysical) to find useful and informative sources for further study. (And I always wanted to own a New Age bookstore!)

This bookstore is made possible in association with Amazon.com Books, Earth's Largest Bookstore. (A great place for writers and bibliophiles to die - or at least slowly and blissfully waste away...)

Each and every book listed here has my personal recommendation. With few exceptions, every book is one I have personally read and reviewed, and is one which made an impact in my life, or in my personal / spiritual development.

With the wealth of material available for those who seek the Light, finding the right books can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. I have tried to select those books which are of practical value in a realistic, daily-life kind of way.

I read my first metaphysical book at the tender age of eight and I haven't stopped reading since. Over the years, I have come to treasure each and every "friend" who lives on my bookshelf. All of my favorite friends are listed here.

Disclaimer: all opinions are strictly my own, and you are free to disagree with me, just promise to do it in a nice way.

If you would like to see a particular title reviewed here, let me know. (Or send me a copy....)If you are looking for books on a particular topic, I will try to get some on the list for you. If you are an author and want me to review your book, let me know, and I will tell you where to mail my review copy. I promise to review every book I'm gifted with, (unless you don't check with me first, then you're at your own risk) I'm always happy to help promote other writers.

In the non-cyber world, I deal in used metaphysical books. If you would like a list of my current titles, tell me and I'll e-mail you the information.

AND, if I don't have it, I can probably find it, so rare, out-of-print, or obscure titles are not a problem - they may just take awhile to locate. Try me! I haven't yet met the book I couldn't find (assuming it was created after the invention of the printing press.)

To send your (helpful) comments or to contact me simply send an email to...


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My friends.....the Books

The categories under construction are marked with an icon and do not yet contain book listings...but keep checking back, I'm building more pages all the time

A Beginner's Curriculum...

If I were teaching classes like Consciousness 101, or Introduction to Metaphysics, these are the textbooks I would require or recommend. But the books here aren't just for beginners - they're just ones I think are good places to start and should be on every metaphysical bookshelf.

Necessary Knowledge...

Metaphysical reference books and tools for applying and practicing spiritual awareness.

Seeing Stars...

Astrology for beginners, dabblers and experts alike.

Soul Searching...

Reincarnation, past-life exploration, immortality and other subjects of the soul.

The Writings of Religion...

From scriptures to skepticism, books on or about religion.

Beyond the Blue Yonder...

Other dimensions, unexplainable mysteries, UFOs, ETs, etc.

Career Callings, Culling, and Cultivation....

Finding a career, changing careers, improving your career and related topics.

Sages & Seers....

Prophets and prognosticators from all ages of history, as well as books about prophecy in general.

And, of course, The Unexpected!......

These are books you may not think would be found here, or books I simply couldn't reasonably place anywhere else. Take a peek, you may be surprised.

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